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4158 s Western # 1 Chicago IL 60609

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For our crew of designers, the workplace should always be elevated and inspiring

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.At ARHONT CORPORATION, we have over 250 projects that fill our portfolio, but it's the thousand of people who experience them who matter most

About Us

Brighten every nook and corner of your house

“Interior designing is the art and science which enhances your mind”

One of the best ways of making your home look inviting and feel warm is to place many pillows and throws on the furniture. But, remember to not use too many pads. After all, what’s better than a feeling of sinking into the cushiony pillow. None, maybe!

About Us

Coordinate Home and Future

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Mission. To provide high quality, professional and complete creative services in all design & communication fields

Our Mission

Enjoy the challenges offered with every creative opportunity. Enrich both the business and its customers through effective visual solutions. 


Interior designing is the art and science which enhances your mind and your space

2016 / Interior Award

AIA Chicago

2018 / Design Award

Chicago’s Top Designers at Design Excellence Awards

2020 / Furniture Award

SIT Furniture Design Award

2021 / Future Award
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